Rubblebucket – Live in Chicago

January 01, 1970

(Sin Duda Records)


populist approach finds them in ideal environs on this live CD/DVD combo
recorded late last year at the Double Door in Chicago. Their two previous long players
notwithstanding, this freewheeling eight person ensemble is clearly best suited
to the concert stage, given its communal vibe and loosely structured amalgam of
jam, jazz, funk, rock and world music designs. Singer Kalmia Traver functions
as a de facto earth mother of sorts, an affable presence nestled in the midst
of the band’s brassy endeavors.


it to say that Rubblebucket’s given itself the perfect handle, owing to the
fact that they toss so many disparate elements into the mix. So while songs
such as “Breatherz (Young As Clouds),” “Red Line Beat” and “Bikes” trumpet an
ongoing party vibe, the overall stomp and groove that drives this disc from
start to finish also suggests some serious intent. Fortunately then, the
sprightly sound of “Silly Fathers” and cheery whistle of “Triangular Daisies”
ensures the affability factor never falters. While few of these tunes are of
the hummable variety, their success on the festival circuit seems all but
assured, with their recent blowout at Bonnaroo offered as exhibit A. In fact,
the lesson learned from
Live In Chicago is this: they’re nicely primed to
kick ass anywhere.


DOWNLOAD: “Silly Fathers,” “Triangular Daisies,” “Red Line

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