Royksopp – Junior

January 01, 1970


Royksopp’s latest begins with “Happy Up Here,” a burst of pure bubblegum
electro-pop. Its ‘80s-influenced bounce is just one of the many joys of Junior, an album that successfully
explores the different moods sequencers and synthesizers are capable of
producing. Part of its success is the featured guest vocalists. The Knife’s
Karin Driejer-Andersson appears on two of the album’s best tracks, including
the dark and mechanical “This Must Be It.” Of course, when fellow Scandinavian
pop sensation Robyn shows up on “The Girl and the Robot,” or when Royksopp
emulates Air on the instrumental “Royksopp Forever,” the tone is much lighter.


For a band whose music has appeared on many a commercial,
it’s remarkable that they can keep electronica from sinking into the boring
morass it often gets bogged down in when linked with Apple or VW.


Standout Tracks: “Happy
Up Here,” “This Must Be It” JONAH FLICKER


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