ROYAL TRUX – Accelerator

January 01, 1970

(Drag City)


For a
solid quarter century now, Royal Trux and its enduring legacy of brutality have
been bringing hope and inspiration to the frayed ends of youth culture looking
to make a million-dollar noise on a sawbuck budget. And perhaps no other album
Jennifer Herrema and Neil Hagerty banged out their 14 years of active duty had
a more lasting impression on the American underground than 1998’s Accelerator,
which brought them home to Drag City after an unsavory sojourn at Virgin in the


Long out
of print and considered by fans to be the best Trux LP, only eBay hucksters
flogging the original version of this Stones-on-Siltbreeze barnburner will be at
odds with its return to shop shelves as a new generation of garage kids gets
exposed to the duo’s hazardous mix of glitter and grime. Yet while nothing
sounds better than hearing the likes of “Yellow Kid” or their homage
to ‘80s-martial-arts-demigod-turned-right-wing-puppy killer Steven Seagal
“Stevie (for Steven S.)” in full remastered glory, it would have been
great had they amended the record with some bonus material, namely its
brilliant, underrated 1999 companion EP Radio Video. Nevertheless, the
fact this lost treasure is once again widely available in any capacity is
reason to celebrate.


DOWNLOAD: “Yellow Kid,” “Stevie
(for Steven S.)” -RON HART



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