ROY ORBISON – The Monument Vinyl Box 4LP

Album: The Monument Vinyl Box

Artist: Roy Orbison

Label: Sony/Legacy

Release Date: November 26, 2013

Roy Orbison


      In preparation for a hurricane of reissues and rarities collections (e.g. the recently-released Last Concert), the operatic, angel-voiced, Tennessee gentleman’s earliest neo-symphonic albums come courtesy this four LP collection. With doomed romance the order of the day, Orbison’s vocals sweep through the drama of the familiar (“Only the Lonely”), and the rarely-considered (“Come Back to Me My Love”) like a ghost through his family’s manor. The haunted cosmopolitan country classicism remains aloft (and aloof, considering the cool wind of Orbison’s speaker-rattling tone) throughout Lonely and Blue (1961), Crying (1962) and In Dreams (1963), slowing down in particular on his sophomore Monument effort, its soul-stirring title track, and the cinematic “Love Hurts.”

 Along with the wall-of-sound woe that Orbison’s unleashed upon his dark-clouded ballads, his subtle bluesy snarl made the likes of “Dream Baby,” and “Oh, Pretty Woman” (the latter the title track to Monument’s missing LP) catty classics. This is the sound of heartbreak and lust sung in a fashion we’ll never hear again.

 DOWNLOAD: “Only The Lonely,” “Dream Baby,” “Love Hurts”

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