Rosie Thomas – With Love

January 01, 1970



though it seems, there’s no more apt title for this new Rosie Thomas album than
With Love. With her typically
expansive delivery and sweetly captivating vocals, Thomas pulls to the head of
the pack as far as aspiring young singer/songwriters are concerned. And like her previous
efforts, she evokes sweet emotions simply on the strength of her rich intonation
and songs that resonate with both soul and sensitivity. Indeed, there’s no
shortage of beautiful melodies, but credit is also due a superior backing cast
that includes major indie pop players — David Bazan (Pedro the Lion), Blake Wescott (The Posies,
Damien Jurado), Sam Beam (Iron
& Wine) and Jen Wood (The
Postal Service). 


yet, at the heart of this embracing effort lies a conflicting set of
circumstance that provided her inspiration – specifically, a new marriage that
helped soothe her struggle with a thyroid disorder and the severe anxiety that
followed as a result of her illness. At the same time, her two co-producers,
Wescott and Bazan, instructed her to draw on her ageless musical influences,
resulting in an album that maintains a classic quality throughout, specifically
the sound and sensibility of the ‘60s and ‘70s. Happily though, Thomas avoids
any tendency towards being retro or redundant. Rather, there’s no mistaking the
honest tug of devotion ringing through songs such as “Back to Being Friends” or
“Really Long Year,” or the naked vulnerability that sways “Two Worlds Collide”
or “2 Birds.” Thomas’ honesty, as much as any performance herein, is the
commanding factor overall, making it easy, and in fact, all but unavoidable, to
fall in love With Love.


DOWNLOAD: “Back to Being Friends,” “2
Birds,” “Two Worlds Collide” LEE ZIMMERMAN

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