ROSIE FLORES – Working Girl’s Guitar

January 01, 1970



61-years-young Rockabilly Filly proves that the title song isn’t just a title-Flores
wields a pretty mean six string all by herself, as you can readily see at any
of her exuberant live shows. Here on record, she’s caught in a good upbeat
mood; check out the swinging “Drug Store Rock and Roll,” which Brian Setzer
should immediately cover, or her sexy Elvis cover “Too Much.”


along with the title song, she shows herself self-conscious in a good way on
songs like “Little But Loud” where she happily shows off her stuff off while
name checking Led Zep’s most famous tune and wears her influences on her
sleeves with “Surf Demon #5.” Sad to say, except
for “If (I Could Be With You)” ballads aren’t her strong suit now, including
the Fabs’ “While My Guitar Gently Weeps” here. Still, you have to wonder if
there’s any sane reason that country stations won’t give her a shot anymore.


Store Rock and Roll,” “Working Girl’s Guitar” -JASON GROSS


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