Rosebuds – Loud Planes Fly Low

January 01, 1970



A lot has
happened in The Rosebuds’ world since the release of their last record, 2008’s Life Like. Namely the couple that formed
the band, Ivan Howard and Kelly Crisp, got divorced and with that comes the
thought of whether the band would even continue. Some have made it work (Quasi)
while others (umm, too many to name) have not. Howard and Crisp decided to
continue on, but from reading the press sheet, the writing and recording of Loud Planes Fly Low was not an easy
process (not a surprise, really).


This record is
mostly a downcast, reflective record. Those hoping to hear ebullient gems that
were scattered through Birds Make Good
, the band’s best record, might be disappointed. Still, Loud Plans Fly Low does have some
twinkling melodies and strong songs, they just take a bit longer to sink in.
Opener “Go Ahead’ is a nice way to start things off, slowly building with
Howard singing about previous situations and decisions while the next songs,
“Limitless Arms” is another slowly building dream pop song with gorgeous synth
work and what sound like aching strings. On the almost dancey “Come Visit Me”,
the first song on the record where Crisp sings lead, she coos “I need something
happy now, even if it fucks me up” while on the acoustic “Without A Focus”
Howard repeats the line “I don’t know how I am supposed to feel” so the scars are there. A few of the songs go on for
too long and a few just don’t work (“A Story” drones on for over 5 minutes) but
the record ends on a strong note with Howard sounding hopeful on the acoustic
“Worthwhile”, where you really want to cheer for him.

Considering all
that has transpired since their last time out, this transition record adds to
the bands solid catalog and let’s hope they can continue, though, in situations
like these, the odds are usually stacked against them.


DOWNLOAD: “Go Ahead”, “Come Visit Me”, “Woods,
“Worthwhile” TIM HINELY



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