Rosebuds – Life Like

January 01, 1970



The Rosebuds –
Kelly Crisp and Ivan Howard – return to a calmer, quieter sound for their
fourth album. This N.C. husband/wife duo appear to reinvent their sound with
each release so it was not a surprise that Life
isn’t a synthesized sonic sister to 2007’s Night of the Furies. Crisp and Howard share lead vocal duties,
making for a nice exchange song after song. A quaint number such as “Nice Fox,”
(a little ditty that is literally about a fox) includes acoustic guitar
strumming and the singers’ humming; the melody slowly grows on you and initially-nonsensical
words creep into your subconscious. (You too will begin humming to the lyric “don’t
dig up the dandelions.”)


Yet don’t let
the acoustics fool you: though no synths are heard on Life Like, Crisp and Howard are quite capable of striking the proverbial
“dancing chord” with songs like “Bow to the Middle,” and “Cape Fear.”


Standout Tracks: “Concordian Music Club,” “In the
Backyards” APRIL S. ENGRAM



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