Rose Melberg – Homemade Ship

January 01, 1970

(K Records)


Armed with
nothing more than an acoustic guitar and her pillowy-soft voice, Rose Melberg
returns with her 3rd solo record (the first two were on the Double
Agent label) and it’s just about the most gentle thing you’ll hear all year. Homemade Ship very nearly makes a Nick
Drake record sound like Motorhead and Melberg continues to hone her craft and
make her hushed songs all the more engaging.


Opening cut
“Things That We Do” offers hope through lyrics like “Don’t you remember the
good times? How much we made each other smile” while on “Look Skyward” she’s
searching for a long, lost friend.  On
the title track she is joined by P:ano’s Larissa Loyva and the two sound just
about perfect. The record was recorded in the winter in her adopted home of British Columbia and it
feels like a wintry record. One perfect to curl up by the fireplace when it’s
below zero outside and all you want to do it forget about the stresses of the
day and sink into your favorite couch.


Recommended Tracks: “Look Skyward”, “Moon Singer”, “Homemade
Ship”, “Outlaws” TIM HINELY


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