Ronnie Fauss – I Am The Man You Know I’m Not

January 01, 1970



Ronnie Fauss seems just honest enough to be a modern
slightly alt. country hit. All the traditional clichés are in his work:  men going to war. Women baking blueberry pies
and comparing the width of their thighs (“This Year”). In “I Can’t Remember
(What You Can’t Forget)” he even says, “Baby, put on that fancy new make-up.”
Songs build to dramatic conclusions slowly and stealthily enough to belie the
fact that almost every modern country band I see trying for a spot on contemporary
reality TV music competitions does the same thing.



Certainly, there are folks in the United States
who think and talk something like this. But what’s more to the
bestselling-modern-Country point is the legions of culturally conservative
Americans who want to believe that there are folks in the United States
who think and talk something like this – inhabitants of the heartland, as it



Having said all that, Ronnie Fauss has a pleasant,
boyish tone that feels and sounds a lot like that of Jackson Browne. He likes
to throw down some shit-kickin’ Country (“I Don’t See You,” “A Pretty Nice
Night for Houston,”
and a compelling thumper called “The Last”). He threads enough lap pedal steel
and fiddle between and within his songs for there to be no doubt of his sincere
love of Country traditions. I just have a hard time believing the myth, for
lack of a better term, of singers of his nature, and of this type of music. It
might help if the song structures, and changes therein, weren’t as old as dirt.
Sure, that’s what people who respond to this are after. It’s just making me
want to sigh; to write a country song (the dog, then the husband, then the car
– what’s the order, again?). 



DOWNLOAD: “I Don’t See You,” “The Last,” “Pistols in the Air” MARY LEARY



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