ROGER ENO/PLUMBLINE – Endless City/Concrete Garden

Album: Endless City/Concrete Garden

Artist: Roger Eno / Plumbline

Label: Hydrogen Dukebox

Release Date: July 02, 2013

Roger Eno


The second collaboration betwixt pianist Roger Eno (brother to Brian) and Plumbline (Will Thomas to his parents), Endless City/Concrete Garden is pretty music for indie rock snobs. Thomas creates barely-noticeable ambient backgrounds over which Eno tickles the ivories in simple but melodic fashion.

It’s all very pleasant, and that’s not meant sarcastically: Eno really has a way with lyrical tunesmanship, and Thomas’ contributions stay so far in the background there’s nothing to disturb anyone shy of avant garde experimentation. “Pulling Strings” and “Suspended Animation” work up some nice, brooding atmospheres, while “Geometry” and “Back to the Beginning” could sweeten three-day old coffee. “Beaut De Passage” even has some sampled French dialogue. But we have to ask: if (a) Roger didn’t have the surname of one of the most respected musical figures of the last 40 years and (b) the album had come out on, say, Narada, wouldn’t this be relegated to the new age music bin and looked upon with barely-disguised contempt?

DOWNLOAD: “Suspended Animation,” “Geometry,” “Pulling Strings”

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