Album: Do the Crawl

Artist: Rocket to Memphis

Label: Off the Hip

Release Date: May 07, 2013

Rocket to Memphis


For a group like Rocket to Memphis, it’s easy to think “heard one, heard ‘em all.” After all, the Australian band works the exact same jump blues/rockabilly/swing groove on its third LP Do the Crawl it shook its hips to on its previous album Jungle Juice.  But when the quartet is as good as that blend as RtM, what difference does it make whether or not it’s progressed? The sly pledge of fidelity in “Swamp Guy,” the sultry seduction of “In Black & White” and “Make You Mine” and the buzzing calls to arms of “Turn It On,” “Slap Back” and the title track don’t need evolution to be effective. As long as Razor Jack Memphis keeps the licks flowing, Voodoo Viv and Shotgun Pete keep the rhythms hopping and Betty Bombshell croons her way into your pleasure center, Rocket to Memphis can make the same record over and over as long as it wants. Hey, it worked for the Ramones.

DOWNLOAD: “Turn It On,” “In Black & White,” “Slap Back”

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