Rocket From the Tombs – Barfly

January 01, 1970



It took 37 years to get there, but the original Cleveland punks in Rocket From the Tombs have
finally put out their debut studio full length. The result, however, is
surprisingly underwhelming. Members of the ‘70s hard rock band went on to form
several different first wave US punk bands like the short-live Dead Boys and
influential Pere Ubu, but aside from well-circulated bootlegs and some live
cuts, the original line up never actually made it to a studio until now.


Barfly’s 11 tracks find a band
unsure of which direction to take, eventually settling on a version of muddled
garage rock. David Thomas’ out of tune vocals would have sounded groundbreaking
if this were still the late ‘70s but now come off sounding like a drunk dad on
Karaoke night. As the New York Dolls proved earlier last year, some things are
best left to the past.   


DOWNLOAD: “I Sell Soul,” “Six and Two” JOHN B. MOORE


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