Robin Guthrie – Carousel

January 01, 1970



Once paired in the Cocteau Twins, and later a much in-demand
producer and arranger, Robin Guthrie has garnered an enviable reputation among
the indie/ambient set.  His own albums,
as well as those in collaboration with pianist Harold Budd, have been rich in
radiance and atmospheric appeal, mood music rather than a sound that’s
marketable for the masses. The same could be said of Carousel, a shimmering, sparkling collection of alluring
instrumentals and cerebral soundscapes.


 Song titles like
“Some Sort of Paradise,” “Sparkle” and “Delight” provide descriptive banners
for the melodies within, providing an eerie ambiance that’s at once both
spectral and sublime.  In truth, these
iridescent offerings would seem best suited for a cinematic soundtrack or as
accompaniment for meditative repose. 
Consequently, Guthrie’s admirers will likely appreciate the effort, but
casual listeners probably won’t be inclined to give Carousel much more than a mere cursory spin.


Standout Tracks: “Some Sort of Paradise,” “Sparkle” LEE ZIMMERMAN



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