Robert Gomez – Pine Sticks and Phosphorous

January 01, 1970




with Robert Gomez’s previous two records, there’s a deceptive sense of pastoral
simplicity to Pine Sticks and Phosphorous.
His hushed vocal demeanor, the gentle melodies and subdued instrumentation all
lean toward a quiet sort of folksiness. Yet each of those elements are
constructed of dense, polychromatic textures, and the orchestration and
arrangement of these songs – though certainly unobtrusive – are far from


blends of warm guitars, string sections and wind instruments are supported by
whispery percussion. Occasionally punctuated by bits of brass, momentarily
collapsing into dirgey dissonance or simply wafting off into the ether, these
songs demand an attentive ear, but are equally inviting as moody set-pieces.
With more than a dozen musicians on hand to assist in the playing of nearly
twice as many instruments, Gomez has crafted eleven hopefully elegiac numbers
that are thick with mellow melancholy. When Gomez combines that beautiful
instrumentation with his penchant for impressionistic lyrics, he comes up with
a sonic stew that’s simultaneously ethereal and gut-wrenchingly down-to-earth.



Standout Tracks: “Lock the
Door,” “Hunting Song” JASON FERGUSON


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