ROBERT FORSTER – Songs to Play

Album: Songs to Play

Artist: Robert Forster

Label: Tapete

Release Date: September 18, 2015

Robert Forster 9-18

The Upshot: Crystalline folk rock from the erstwhile Go-Betweens musician is always a welcome affair.


Due to a busy journalism career, former Go-Betweens co-leader Robert Forster doesn’t release records as often as we might like. Fortunately, his albums are always worth the wait. Songs to Play breaks no new ground for the singer/songwriter – the LP revolves around his typically crystalline folk rock played at tempos just above languid, supporting his carefully crafted libretto sung in his dry, conversational style. Forster uses his trusty tools to get romantic (“Let Me Imagine You,” “Love is Where It Is”), philosophical (“Turn On the Rain,” “A Poet Walks”) and cheeky (“I Love Myself [And I Always Have],” “Songwriters On the Run”), sounding as full of comfort and conviction on one as the other.

The advantage to releasing albums once in a while is that you can whittle your batch of songs down to the very best of what you have, and that’s clearly what Forster has done here. Quite simply, Songs to Play is an excellent Robert Forster record.

DOWNLOAD: “Let Me Imagine You,” “Turn On the Rain,” “Songwriters On the Run”


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