Robbers On High Street – Hey There Golden Hair

January 01, 1970



Where did this come from?! The last we checked in
with these NYC pop kids they were releasing their ho-hum sophomore effort Grand Animals, after releasing a ho-hum
debut ,Tree City, in 2005, so either
these guys were a diamond in the rough all along or just exploded with a batch
of terrific new songs (probably a bit of both, actually).  The point here is Hey There Golden Hair is filled with twelve terrific slices of 60’s
pop complete with blasting horns, harmonies to die for and hooks galore.


Opener “Hollow
Hill” (with faux Brit. vox) is Rubber
all the way with this supreme confidence not evidenced on previous
ROHS records, while on “Crystal Run” they kick it into 5th gear, a
horn section revving things right up. Then with “Electric Eyes they get a bit
slinky and snarky on us while still delivering the goods.  You keep thinking the songs will dip in
quality but they don’t: “Second Chance,” 
“Face in the Fog,” “Happy Horses Always” – it just keeps going. The
group  has frequently been compared to
Spoon, but with the exception of Ben Trokan, I don’t hear it; to these ears,
there’s more of a Grass Roots (“Midnight Confessions”) vibe.


It’s totally
unexpected for a band to deliver a record this good at this point in its
career. Nada Surf did the same thing nearly a decade ago with Let Go. It’s now Robbers on High Streets
turn.  Keep it going fellas.


DOWNLOAD:  “Crystal
Run”, “Electric Eye”,  “Second Chance”, “Happy Horses Always”,  “Watch Me Disappear” TIM HINELY



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