Album: Quiet Light

Artist: Roadkill Ghost Choir

Label: self-released

Release Date: August 13, 2013

Roadkill Ghost Choir Aug 13 


 It’s incredibly difficult to categorize the music that comprises this debut release by Roadkill Ghost Choir. But that’s because the wonderfully (if gruesomely) named DeLand, FL six-piece continually change direction throughout its five carefully crafted songs. It begins simply, with the straightforward, banjo-led folk of “Beggars Guild”. Think O’Death rather than Mumford & Sons, though – this is a dark, ominous tale for late-night campfires in the vast American wilderness, rather than a thigh-slapping hoedown. But then, as those embers die out, the anthemic, more modern tumult of “Drifter” kicks in, melding the organic and the synthetic, the past and the future.

 There are, still, elements of folk at play, but it sounds like folk from outer space, like nothing this planet has ever produced. “Devout” and “Tarot Youth” are similar blends of styles, mixing slide guitars and synthesizers, the old and the new, while final track “Bird In My Window” strips it back once again to more traditional folk, though saddened, softer and slower than any of the four songs which precede it. The result is a capricious yet cohesive EP which shimmers as much with sorrow as it does with hope and happiness

 DOWNLOAD: “Beggars Guild”, “Devout”

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