Riverside – Memories in My Head

January 01, 1970

(The Laser’s Edge)




progressive rock titan Riverside
has been plugging away for a decade, a feat celebrated with this three-song
mini-LP. The band’s prog vision clearly comes from the post-Porcupine Tree
school, with arrangements more concerned with texture, atmosphere and melody
than technical expertise or mindless complexity. That’s not to say the group
doesn’t throw in a solo or two, especially keyboardist Michal Lapaj. But the
goal of even as dynamic an epic as “Forgotten
Land” is to entertain and
enlighten, not impress or baffle. As indicated by the title, leader Mariusz
Duda looks inward for inspiration, rather than through the pages of fantasy
literature or history books – “Goodbye Sweet Innocence” and “Living in the
Past” are as introspective as they are expansive. Trading bombast for
melancholy beauty, Riverside
serves notice to newcomers and reminds the faithful that it well deserves to
reach its decade milestone.


DOWNLOAD: “Forgotten

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