River City Tanlines – Coast to Coast

January 01, 1970

(Big Legal Mess)




Although they’re
reasonably well along in their recording career, one still gets the feeling
that River City Tanlines aren’t quite sure what they want to be. A heavy metal
band plowing more melodic turf? A pop group seeking substance? Punk rockers in
search of mass appeal? Given the differing styles that tend to compete for
attention — often within the space of a single song — it’s tough to tell
exactly what course they want to pursue. Winsome vocals soar over relentless
rhythms, giving a bucolic feel to otherwise intensive thrash, while echoes of
Rush and Yes pull them into more progressive terrain. Still, for all their
diligence and indulgence, Coast
to Coast offers only a few
truly enduring melodies, although the staccato riffing of opening track “I
Don’t Get It” (an apt title if ever there was one), along with the two tracks
that follow — the airy, effusive “Stop My Heart” and the pop proficient “Pretty
Please” — come closest. River City Tanlines may have mastered the basics but
still need to develop more panache to make themselves more memorable. Coasting Coast to Coast may be more like it.


DOWNLOAD: “Pretty Please,” “Stop My Heart” LEE

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