Richie James Follin – Battle

January 01, 1970

(Red Bear)


When a popular band’s frontman goes the solo route it
frequently sounds the “danger, Will Robinson!” alert back at the mothership,
but in the case of Willowz guitarist/vocalist Richie Follin it’s more of a case
of a busman’s holiday.


Over barbecue and beer one day last summer, Follin and some
buddies (current and/or former members of Beachwood Sparks, Dios Malos, Hot Hot
Heat and Band of Horses) cut a dozen delightfully freewheeling tracks, a couple
of them hewing close to the Willowz’ patented psych-garage template but the
majority taking on a rootsier, cosmic Americana-type vibe. Think
Band-meets-Burritos on the woozy/bloozy “Roast,” Exile-era Stones on the slide-guit, Slim Harpo-influenced “Prize,”
Devendra Banhart freak-folk on the accordion-laced “Colt” and Tonight’s The Night Neil Young on the
gospel-tinged nocturnalia of “Translate.”


Oh, and about those backwards song titles printed on the CD
sleeve? After Battle has spun, all 12 songs cue up again
– backwards.


Standout Tracks: “Prize,” “Battle”


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