Richard Thompson – Dream Attic

January 01, 1970

(Shout! Factory)


Any Richard Thompson fan will tell you that no matter how
great his records have been – and 1982’s soon-to-be-reissued Shoot Out the Lights, with his then-wife
Linda, deserves mention among the best albums of all time – his music always
breathes with greater precision and clarity on stage. So, the decision was made
this time to cut out the middleman of a studio, and simply record 13 brand-new
songs live.


Thompson offers up sardonic commentary on those financial
gurus who took us all to the cleaners of late, a heart-felt tribute to the
passing of old friends, a whip-smart and uncomfortably funny modern murder ballad,
a lesson learned about love lost, and more. The band is spectacular (though
long-time associate Pete Zorn relies too much on his snake charmer soprano
sax), and Thompson’s guitar has a field day, with solos concise or expansive,
but always emotionally riveting.


Now the real test remains: after a few days of rehearsal and
four live shows, these songs sound this amazing. What will happen when they


in Her Dancing Shoes,” “If Love Whispers Your Name” STEVE PICK



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