Richard Lloyd – The Jamie Neverts Story

January 01, 1970



Respected and revered as one of the musicians who, with his
band Television, helped transform punk from its anarchic beginnings to a new
level of competence and credibility, Richard Lloyd defers to his idol Jimi
Hendrix via an album that finds him covering Hendrix’s seminal songs. Never
mind the album’s titled The Jamie Neverts
; Lloyd’s intriguing liner notes detail his early encounters with the
great guitarist while growing up in New York City.  Ultimately though, the story behind the album
becomes even more intriguing than the album itself, actually required reading
in order to learn the true identity of the disc’s namesake. 


That said, there’s little point in quibbling about the
music, since it finds Lloyd sampling the cream of the Hendrix catalogue.
However, nearly all the tracks are well worn standards — “Purple Haze,”
“Spanish Castle Magic,” “I Don’t Live Today,” “Castles Made of Sand: and “Are
You Experienced” qualify as familiar fare to say the least.  Yes, given Lloyd’s talents, the readings are
unquestionably competent, and often even compelling. Yet, they never seem to
push the parameters or expand on the originals. But since this set is meant
merely as a tribute, conveying the emotional essence of the material would seem
an accomplishment in itself.


“Purple Haze,” Wait Until Tomorrow,” “Are You Experienced”


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