Richard Dutton – A Walk Through Darkness

January 01, 1970



A young alternative rock musician originally from Cleethorpes, UK,
who is now based in Manchester,
Richard Dutton will take one’s mind on a dark journey of anger and
hopelessness. Dutton will be releasing a solo CD in the summer of 2012, but here
are three demos that were originally done by his band The So and So’s back in
2011 (they’ll be included in the upcoming disc).


A young man’s journey through emotional turmoil begins
with the gloomy track “Unmistakable You.” 
This track is a heartbreaking tale about a young man becoming aggravated
with his ungrateful girlfriend.  She is
always mad at him no matter what he does. 
This track has soulful vocals and slow, melodic rock riffs along with a
heavy bass line.


Meanwhile, the sun begins to shine with the upbeat
track “Two Part Return.”  This is a heartwarming tale about a young man having a
positive attitude about life. He meets a beautiful woman and has a great time
with her. It is, by contrast, smoother but with heavier riffing.


Finally, euphoria turns to sadness with the last track
“You Can’t Lose,” an extremely lonely chronicle of a troubled young man who is
trapped under a cloud of doom.  He feels
like he is a failure at everything he tries to do.  The vocals and delicate riffs are accompanied
by a sultry saxophone bringing out elements of jazz.


Richard Dutton is heavily influenced by artists such
as Morrissey and the late Kurt Cobain. 
Anyone who listens to the three demos mentioned above will feel the
presence of darkness and intensity, and Dutton brings alternative music back to
its original roots of “doom and gloom” with passion and honesty.  It’s music that truly deserves to be heard.


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