Richard Barone – Glow

January 01, 1970





may not have heard much from Bongos leader Richard Barone in the past decade
but that doesn’t mean he hasn’t been busy. In addition to writing and producing
music for others (among them, Fred Schneider, plus a posthumous Tiny Tim
release) as well as being at the helm of the Bongos reunion and reissues, he
also wrote an autobiography. Barone, however, had had enough of being behind
the scenes and had been working with legendary producer Tony Visconti for Glow, their first collaboration.


record is a fine mix of sweeping, baroque pop (the title track;
“1,2,3…Infinity”), some obvious Beatles-influenced material (“Gravity’s Pull”),
as well as some sparser, but no less powerful, cuts too (“Silence is our Song”,
co-written with ‘60s pop songwriter Paul Williams). Let’s also not forget the
driving beat of the futuristic “Radio Silence” and the beautiful cover of
T-Rex’s “Girl.” With a unique mix of styles and tempos (and some heavy-hitting
collaborators) Barone has exceeded all expectations on this terrific return to


DOWNLOAD: “Gravity’s Pull,” “Silence is our Song” TIM HINELY


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