RHYE – Woman

Album: Coman

Artist: Rhye

Label: Innovative Leisure Records, Republic Records

Release Date: March 05, 2013

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www.innovativeleisure.net, www.republicrecords.com


 Robin Hannibal and Michael Milosh (who has released three listen-worthy albums under his moniker Milosh) have joined forces as Rhye. Their debut album is a gentle, intoxicating release that smoothly floats you to a sensual otherworld.

 To make this enchanting album all the more opaque is the mysterious presentation of Rhye; a single was released but no biographical info, no images, they desired for the music to merely present itself. A New York Times article was among the first outlets to reveal their identities, Milosh stated: “We just didn’t want people to be focusing on us. We wanted people to really hear the music first, without any preconceived notions.” To that here’s an unwanted opinion, this reasoning is not a good argument; because, despite knowing who’s responsible for the album’s creation the same opinion is reached, Woman is a beautifully crafted release.

 Woman is a fusion of jazz and electronica—highlighted by horns and strings—whose hypnotically mellow beats are sweetened by Milosh’s genteel, gender-bending vocals. The oft-compared Sade-esque voice Milosh possesses draws you further in from the first track, “Open.” Woman begins with the words, “I’m a fool for that shake in your thighs,” thus begins the sexy ride of Rhye. “3 Days” details the best three days anyone can possibly spend with the lust of their life as Milosh softly sings “Three days to feel each other, crack that spine.” And, well, you can imagine what “Hunger” the duo speaks of in the infectious upbeat track. While some songs are utterly slow paced, they are obscured by the strength of the aforementioned tracks as well as “The Fall” and “Last Dance.”

 Surely to be an inducer to some “sexy time” for the most fortunate of listeners, the year has just begun and Woman is a highlight for 2013.

 DOWNLOAD: “Open,” “Last Dance,” “3 Days”

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