Rhett Miller – The Dreamer

January 01, 1970

(Maximum Sunshine)





You’ve can almost hear the final minutes of a band ticking
down when the key member puts out a solo record. But 10 years and five albums
since Old 97’s frontman Rhett Miller released his solo debut, he’s still
managed to keep his day job with the alt-country favorites.


With The Dreamer,
Miller’s one-man offering, little has changed. He still offers a breezy, but
challenging mix of pop and folk rock songs. Self-produced by Miller, there is a
fantastic duet with Rosanne Cash (“As Close as I Came to Being Right”) and a
dozen other charming acoustic tracks. And thanks to his commitments with the
Old 97’s, he will likely be churning out another album with that band sometime



Without You,” “As Close as I Came to Being Right” JOHN B. MOORE




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