Rhett Miller + Salim Nourallah 11/3/17, Denver

Dates: November 3, 2017

Location: Soiled Dove, Denver CO

Live at The Soiled Dove for a solid evening of singer-songwriterdom.


It’s always good to catch a Rhett Miller show, I mean the guy never (or rarely) disappoints. On this tour he brought along another long, tall Texan (and occasional producer) Salim Nourallah. Nourallah had a full-band and played a lively set of originals. His most recent record was 2015’s The Traveler but he’s got enough of a back catalog to pull from. Though a lot of the crowd didn’t seem to know who Nourallah was, by the end of the set I’d say plenty were new fans.

Speaking of lively, Miller popped on stage at the Soiled Dove, a place where I’d seen him before a few years ago and he really seems to like this place, making a few comments about the room (it is a real nice room). Miller’s full-time gig, the Old 97’s released Graveyard Whistling earlier this year so Miller’s been busy and the set was made up of mostly 97’s stuff (that’s never an issue).

Playing some more recent tunes like “Stoned,” “Let’s Get Drunk And Get It On” and “Jesus Loves You” then cranking into the fan favorite (and one of my personal all time faves) “Curtain Calls.”  He then turned to one of his solo hits “Singular Girl”  then to another old fave, “Big Brown Eyes” (I don’t think this one has never not been played during one of his sets, solo or band) and on to another one classic “19” (he mentioned how Old 97’s guitarist Ken Bethea “hates this song”).

The hits kept a comin’ like ‘Barrier Reef” And “Won’t Be Home” (one of the band’s best) and finally ended with with we 1-2 punch of “Doreen’ and the Tom Petty classic “American Girl” and done (though he could’ve played for a few more hours and no one would’ve minded);

You keep writing ‘em Rhett and we’ll keep  listening. Deal?


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