Red Krayola – Fingerpointing

January 01, 1970



I say that its “freeform freakouts” are its best songs. But
in actuality, this version of Fingerpainting,
Red Krayola’s 1999’s whimsically noisy recording from Mayo Thompson and friends
(new guys like David Grubbs, old Reds like George Hurley) is one long
blip-a-tronic remix.


Done in the presence of/by Jim O’Rourke simultaneous to the
original recording, only Thompson’s squirrelly small yelp is thoroughly and
soundly in place, while the original instrumentation gets morphed and softened.
Magically, O’Rourke doesn’t blunt Tom Watson and Sandy Yang or any other
musician’s intent: just cushions the blows of moments like “Vile Vile Grass,”
“Mother” and “In My Baby’s Ruth” with these Noh freakouts of his.


And really, Thompson, especially on “Bad Medicine” never
sounded sexier.


Standout Tracks: all
the “Freeform Freakouts” A.D. AMOROSI


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