RED JACKET MINE – Pure Delight

Album: Pure Delight

Artist: Red Jacket Mine

Label: Showpony

Release Date: November 18, 2014


Red Jacket Mine 11-18


Led by singer and songwriter Lincoln Barr, Red Jacket Mine has been igniting pop fiends for the past several years now with records that draw from the best of 70s smart pop (Nick Lowe, Squeeze, Elvis Costello, etc.) without making a retro fuss about it. Last year’s Someone Else’s Cake made clear what a major find the Seattle band is. Follow-up EP Pure Delight finds the band working an expertly crafted, lovingly performed set of tunes with a variety of stylistic bents.

“AM” and “Crow” (a duet with Shane Tutmarc) put the band’s spin on soulful balladry. The groovy “Get Paid,” the Lowely “Nearly Marjorie” and the aggressive “Pure Delight” showcase RJM in full pub rock mode. “I Want You to Worship Me” is simply a brilliant pop tune. At only six songs, Pure Delight feels more like an appetizer than the next meal on the RJM menu. But it’s a damn tasty appetizer, and will definitely hold fans over.

DOWNLOAD: “I Want You to Worship Me,” “Nearly Marjorie,” “Get Paid”


Watch the band’s new video for the track “Pure Delight” HERE at Blurt.

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