Album: Cuts

Artist: Red Gaze

Label: Numavi Records

Release Date: January 25, 2019


Red Gaze, on their latest record, have managed to conjure England circa 1979.

The first track, “Straight Lines,” is short-sharp-shock in intensity and sets the stage for the rest of the brief yet well-wrought album. “Paralysis” has a guitar line that sounds very Chameleons-like and, yet, that’s where all comparisons end as the song rumbles along with a sneering ferocity. “Palms” is the real stunner on this album, with its brooding complex and which has almost a psychedelic heart to it. The guitar playing is sublime, and while things have been taken down a notch, punk-wise, this shows that the band is no one-trick pony.

Then as quick as the album veers one way, they jerk you back towards the soon-to-be slam-dancing favorite “Needs,” with its ultra-caffeinated throbbing bass line. This recalls Minor Threat in intensity, and like all great punk songs veers from one time signature to another. The closer, “Entanglement,” has a sinister undercurrent with its slight dissonance. On this cut there’s almost something approaching a guitar solo, oh the horror!

I can sense that this is a band that spills blood in its live shows, and what we get on record is only a small window into what some of these songs can do.

DOWNLOAD: “Palms,” “Entanglement,” “Needs”



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