Real Estate – Days

January 01, 1970



Though they’ve
only existed since 2009 (when member Martin Courtney, who is also in Titus
Andronicus, returned to his native New Jersey after college and joined some
high school pals), Real Estate have slowly carved out their own mark with
discerning pop music fans via low-key, intelligent songs. Their 2009
self-titled debut on Woodsist was chock full of hazy harmonies and sneaky
melodies and this sophomore effort offers up more of the same, if not more. The
record opens with three bona fide winners in the breezy, melodic “Easy,” the
slower, soaring “Green Aisles” and the jangly first single, “It’s Real.” All
three employ slithery guitar leads throughout while adding gentle vocals and
just the right amount of reverb.


But Days doesn’t go downhill from there – it
just gets a bit more personal, a fine batch of bittersweet pop songs that are
nearly impossible to ignore.


DOWNLOAD: “It’s Real,” “Wonder Years” TIM HINELY



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