Album: Atlas

Artist: Real Estate

Label: Domino

Release Date: March 04, 2014

Real Estate 3-4


Once thought of as a genre strictly of its time — that being the late ‘60s and early ‘70s — psychedelia has continued to flourish and paint its impression on modern music. So too, the dreamy haze of Southern California in its full ‘60s heyday still lingers large in the collective consciousness. Real Estate is well aware of that, not for purposes of exploitation but rather as a means of affirming their MO. Although assuredly obscure in terms of wider recognition, this Brooklyn-based band has established a retro motif over the course two previous albums, both of which defined them as a group possessing unwavering potential.

If anything, Atlas sounds like a fully formed album from another era, complete with woozy harmonies, an assured shimmer and a constant jangle. The evocative “Had to Hear” sets the tone, but the unerring cheeriness of “April’s Song,” “The Bend” and “Primitive” ensure the pharmaceutical quotient remains peaked throughout. True, the steady drift leaves little divergence, but given the proper frame of mind, its appeal is assured. This particular Real Estate is idyllic indeed.

DOWNLOAD: “Had to Hear,” “April’s Song,” “Primitive”

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