Ray Davies – See My Friends

January 01, 1970





When will
his adoring public learn to have faith in Ray Davies’ new projects? 2009’s
brilliant The Kinks Choral Collection should have forever removed doubt from the equation. Pair Davies’ inimitable
vocal style and the finest back catalog of any (yes, we mean any) British rocker in a duo format with
Bruce Springsteen (“Better Things”), Alex Chilton (“‘Til The End
Of The Day”) and Black Francis (“This Is Where I Belong”) and
Bob (well, Ray…) is, indeed, still your uncle.


Add saucy
British warbler Paloma Faith to “Lola,” and you’ve created an extra
layer of sexual tension for a song that’s already the deep-dish lasagna for
gender ambiguity. Fold Jon Bon Jovi and Richie Sambora into “Celluloid
Heroes” and the tears flow like fine cabernet. Dump a concrete sackful of
Metallica’s jackhammer vocals and chandelier-shattering guitar over “You
Really Got Me,” and the song becomes a bulldozer for an entire new


DOWNLOAD: “Days/This Time Tomorrow,”
“Dead End Street”




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