Ramblin’ Ambassadors – Ramble On

January 01, 1970





Was it Jimi
Hendrix who said “Surf music is surf music is surf music?” OK, so no, actually,
it wasn’t. It was my pal John Chilson, but he may have heard it from somewhere
else.  Regardless, Ramble On proves that you can live nowhere near the ocean (in this
band’s case, Calgary, which is in Canada for all
you geography buffs out there) and still kick up some righteous dust that would
make Dick Dale proud. Ramble On is
their third record of instrumental surf music and like the first two, they
still manage to wheedle some new six-string magic each time out.


Opener “Standoff
at Calf Robe Bridge’ and the sand-kickin’ “Clambake!” will get your hips
swingin’ while the Southern Culture on the Skids-ish “Back Seat Action” was a
bit of a snoozer.  A few of the tunes
here miss the mark (“Meat Sweats”) while a few others (like the reverb-heavy
“The Savage” and the shufflin’ “Pine Beetle Express” drill it home with


I’m guessing
they’re available for wedding, funerals (hey, the word FUN is in there) and bar
mitzvahs so book now.


Bake, “Super Bee”,  “The Savage”, “Pine
Beetle Express” TIM HINELY




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