Rakes – Klang

January 01, 1970





When the Rakes broke up earlier this fall, they offered a
typical explanation, “After much deliberation we have come to the shared
conclusion that we can’t give it 100% anymore.” The ten songs that constitute Klang-the British foursome’s third long
player, released posthumously in the U.S.-shows no evidence of a band slowing
down or kicking less skinny ass than ever before.


But putting the  other
bookend next to Klang favors The
Rakes historically: few of the bands who emerged after the early-’00s garage
rock resurgence, rallying around “angular” guitars and Mancunian sneering,
stuck to its guns like The Rakes. (In time maybe they would have swapped the
jittery guitars and airtight drums for synthesizers and studio remixes. I guess
we’ll never know.) (It’s also always worth noting that Hedi Slimane was a fan
of the band and its fashion sense-which is sort of like saying Michael Jordan
admires your jump shot.) In their final go, all the greats can be heard here:
from the ringing guitars of Television on “You’re In It” to “The Light From
Your Mac”‘s bass line ditty that’s straight off This Nation’s Saving Grace. It’s a good looking corpse to leave.


Standout tracks: “That’s
The Reason,” “The Light From Your Mac” ZACH BLOOM



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