Radiation City – The Hands That Take You

January 01, 1970

Loving Empire)



core of this band,  Lizzy Ellison and Cameron Spies , formed the cassette
label Apes Tapes sometime in the 2000’s before forming a few bands and finally,
joining forces in Radiation City (this full-length was actually first released
on Ape Tapes in February 2011 before getting reissued by Tender Loving Empire).
 When the first thing I read about a band is that it’s “Spector-esque” I’m
saddled with some pretty high hopes. Hopes that were dashed on the first
several plays of this eclectic, slow burner of a pop record. The songs on The
Hands That Take You
don’t jump out at you, in fact, they lay fairly low in
the background and your ear has to follow.  Eventually my ears did, but it
took some time.


“Babies” unfold over several minutes and it’s to the point that you’re dinner
is burning, but your curiosity is more geared toward the song and not the
scorched casserole in the oven.  “The Color of Industry”….same thing only
45 seconds shorter.  The Trembling Blue Stars-ish “The Things You Tell Us”
lacks that bands knack for jamming a bit fat hook right in the song, something
this tune lacks.  “Summer is Not An Act, 1” is absolutely exquisite while
the rest of the records wavers between grand (“Phantom Lady”) and boring
(“Mammals”) but something tells me that this is a headphones record and that is
one way I haven’t tried it.


me alone people, I’ve got some listenin’ to do.


DOWNLOAD: “Babies”, “The Color of Industry”, “Summer Is Not An Act, 1”, “Phantom Lady”


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