Rachel Grimes – Book of Leaves

January 01, 1970





Fourteen pensive piano compositions make up this
self-produced solo effort from Rachel Grimes. Grimes, who is best known for her
work with the classically inspired post-rock trio Rachel’s, has long been
concerned with minimalism.  So perhaps it
make sense that these liquid tracks have a sound-track-ish feel, creating mood
rather than linear progression out of repeated chords and buried  melodic lines.


Quite pretty, but a bit static, the album reaches a modest
peak in its midsection, with the pedal-fogged “Mossgrove” and the delicate,
nearly jazz-like runs and flourishes of “Bloodroot.” “Starwhite,” near the end,
sets widely spaced chords set against deep pools of silence, the piece nearly
motionless and utterly tranquil. Grimes is no technical virtuoso, and her
pieces lack the drama of thematic development or much dynamic variation. Still,
there’s a fundamental serenity in these compositions that some listeners will
find appealing.


: “Mossgrove,” “Starwhite” JENNIFER KELLY


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