RACHEL GARLIN – Wink at July

Album: Wink At July

Artist: Rachel Garlin

Label: Tactile

Release Date: April 21, 2015

Rachel Garlin 4-21



The tile of San Francisco’s Rachel Garlin latest is rather apt, as it sounds like the ideal soundtrack to barefoot summer porch sitting.

For the record, this album will do absolutely nothing to dispel any negative connotations some may have about folk music, but fuck ‘em, I never understood techno, so to each his/her own. For those not turned off by acoustic guitars with minimal arrangements, Wink at July, Garlin’s sixth effort is charming in its simplicity; clear, sweet vocals over a picked and strummed guitar with the occasional mandolin and piano moving to the forefront and drums and bass always in the distance.

Garlin is not covering any new ground here, but with an instantly comfortable album, there’s no need for musical reinvention. It’s easily her strongest record to date.

DOWNLOAD: “Hey Keith Haring” and “Dear Friend”



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