RACHAEL SAGE — New Destination

Album: New Destination

Artist: Rachael Sage

Label: MPress

Release Date: May 06, 2014

Rachael Sage 5-6



It may only take four songs, presented in the singular context of an impressive new EP, to finally convince the world that Rachael Sage is an artist that deserves immediate acceptance. Never mind her ten previous albums and twenty years of plying her craft, not to mention her successful stint as an entrepreneur at the helm of her own record label and all the stages she’s shared (among the artists: Judy Collins, Ani DiFranco and Marc Cohn). If the masses haven’t caught on by now, one might be forgiven for thinking any further possibility of Sage becoming a star has been exhausted at this point. Yet the glorious New Destination is glorious redemption indeed.

It’s an ideal example of pure pop perfection, beginning with the initial enthusiasm of “New Destination,” through to the thoughtful rumination that seeps into the three tracks that follow: “Wax,” “Misery’s Grace” and “Not Leaving You.” Taking a similar stance to DiFranco’s erstwhile intents and Tori Amos’ effortless emotions, Sage is both captivating and compelling, with a gift for crafting mainstream melodies of the heartfelt variety. Suffice it to say, New Destination is an ideal sampler of Sage’s song craft, and if justice does prevail, it ought to elevate her to that much-deserved pop plateau.

 DOWNLOAD: “New Destination,” “Not Leaving You”

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