Rachael Sage – Delancey Street

January 01, 1970

(MPress Records)



Rachael Sage’s M.O. since the
beginning has been to meld soft, sultry vocals with solitary piano-plied
gravitas, creating sparse settings that still provide ample underbelly for her
heartfelt testimonials. This time around however, she attempts to inject a
smattering of mass appeal, evidenced by the fact that she includes sensual
covers of “Fame” and Hall and Oates’ “Rich Girl” as part of her current
repertoire.  Although those choices may
seem superfluous at first, Sage proves she can expand upon the subtext of the
originals by retaining the tattered vulnerability and quiet resolve that
established her branding early on.


Individual entries like the
aptly titled “There Is Passion,” “Brave Mistake” and the title track establish
that she’s as burdened as before, even as tracks such as “Hope’s Outpost” and
“Big Star” find common ground with Tori Amos and Fiona Apple in their eloquent
execution. Still, by comparison, Sage’s affecting tomes seem more genuine and
compelling, resonating with a greater resolve that effectively drives those
sentiments home.


Fourteen years on, Sage has
come into her own as a singer/songwriter of the first order.  If justice prevails, Delancey Street will provide her an avenue towards recognition.


Standout Tracks: “There is Passion,” “Brave Music,” “Delancey Street” LEE ZIMMERMAN


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