Ra Ra Riot – The Orchard

January 01, 1970







The Syracuse, NY
sextet seem to have lost a step or two from their sturdy debut, 2008’s The Rhumb Line. While that record proved
them to be more than just educated art students (educated art students who
could write nice pop songs), The Orchard seems to take a bit of a step
backward. Oh sure, it starts off with a bang on the nimble “Boy” and the
musical calisthenics of “Too Dramatic” but you also have dull cuts like
“Foolish”, “You and I Know” which both accentuate that ever-present cello,
sometimes to a fault.


cuts like “Kansai” seem to take cues from their pals in Vampire Weekend while “Massachusetts” nearly
dissolves into repetitive beauty (and again, more cello). The band hasn’t
completely tumbled off the cliff, merely lost its footing a bit. To state it
more clearly, The Orchard isn’t a bad
record; it’s just that many were expecting a great one. Luckily they still have
youth on their side.


DOWNLOAD: “Boy,” “Too Dramatic” TIM






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