Qluster – Fragen

January 01, 1970

(Bureau B)




When Onnen Bock was born back in 1974, Cluster was already
well established as one of the primary acts of Germany’s thriving experimental pop
movement.  In fact, the legendary duo’s
groundbreaking Motorik masterpiece Zuckerzeit was released right around the moment he emerged into this world. But
little did baby Bock realize as he grew up to become a prominent figure in his
country’s electronic music scene in his own right, the one-time sound engineer
for the Berlin Philharmonic and chief member of the German avant-classical
ensemble Zeitkratzer would eventually be recruited into Cluster’s ranks by
founding member Hans-Joachim Roedelius, looking to reboot his celebrated outfit
in the wake of the departure of his longtime conspirator Dieter Moebius. As the
two have been in collaboration together on a variety of projects since 2007,
Bock was the obvious choice for this new era of this long-running sonic
institution, which enjoys the third variation on its name in 40-plus years.


But regardless of
whether there’s a “K”, a “C” or, now, a “Q” to its nomenclature, the music of
this long-running, envelope-pushing project never loses its luster, as
undoubtedly proven on Fragen, the first part of a proposed three-album
trilogy. Under the Qluster handle, Roedelius and Bock present seven new
compositions utilizing an exclusive concentration on analog keyboards and a
strict focus on improvisation. And the means to the end of these sessions has
yielded an impressionistic journey into a synthesized wormhole that exists
somewhere between classical and Kosmiche in the grand tradition of Terry
Riley and Steve Reich on one end and Aphex Twin at his most reflective on the
other. Tracks like “Haste Tone” and the 12-minute “Wurzelwelt” are encapsulated
in swirls of tones and colors that will send its educated net of listeners into
a periodic table of proto-ambient moods that beautifully reflects Qluster’s
rich and varied history in sound – ultimately proving to be so much more than
merely intelligent background music.


It will be great to
see where the next two chapters of this bold new union take us.


DOWNLOAD: “Haste Tone”, “Wurzelwelt”, “Josef Z” RON HART

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