Purrs – Tearing Down Paisley Garden

January 01, 1970





Purrs well remember the Paisley Underground, not to mention the British
psychedelic pop explosion. If that makes the band sound like it’s stuck in the ‘80s
underground, well, so what? Tearing Down Paisley
makes it clear the quartet has a thorough and loving understanding
of acid guitar pop, not to mention the chops to pull it off. Between smart
covers of Red Lorry Yellow Lorry’s “Only Dreaming” and Lee Hazelwood’s “I Move
Around” and stylish originals like “Always Something in My Way” and “Just a
Little More,” the Purrs handily demonstrate that they know just what to do with
a dreamy melody, a languid tempo and a psilocybin haze. Tearing Down Paisley Garden isn’t so much retro as timeless.


Something in My Way,” “Only Dreaming,” “Just a Little More” MICHAEL TOLAND

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