Pure Bathing Culture, The Still Tide & Eros And The Eschaton 1/31/14, Denver

Dates: January 31, 2014

Location: The Hi-Dive, Denver CO



A handful of us braved the snow to go out and check out this cool triple bill at The Hi-Dive on Jan. 31 (and even missing Naked Raygun over at the Summit Music Hall).  Opener Eros and the Eschaton went on at 9:30 PM sharp (thank you!). Though I thought that they’d bring some extra players for the live show it was just members Kate Perdoni and Adam Hawkins on stage, the same two who made their terrific record  Home Address for Civil War.  Kate sat down and played keyboard most of the night while Adam hit the skins and played guitar on a few song (Kate also played each of those for a song as well). They opened with the very MBV-ish “20 Different Days” and we also heard “Carry the Water,” “You Know I Do,” “Over and Over” and plenty more from said record. It was a short set, only 30 minutes, but the songs that sounded denser on record were lent some additional beauty in this spare atmosphere (and the dude’s got a great falsetto). I really enjoyed this set.

The Still Tide is a gal from NYC (Anna Morsett, guitar tech by day) and for these Colorado gigs she was joined by a 3-piece backing band (guitar, bass, drums) and the bassist, who looked about 6’ 8” or so is missing out on an NBA opportunity. From what she stated on stage it sounds like she plays with these guys occasionally back in NYC and then plays solo as well. The songs were nice, kind of a little sweet spot where indie rock, shoegaze and folk rock all intersect and Anna was real personable on stage. Their song reminded me a bit of the Cowboy Junkies (think The Trinity Sessions).

I had caught Portland’s Pure Bathing Culture back in June when they opened for Father John Misty at the Gothic where they entranced the opening crowd obviously there to see the Father John and confess their sins. On this night, in the smaller club, they came back as headliners and had the crowd eating out of their hand.  The core of the band is still guitarist Daniel Hindman and vocalist Sarah Versprilles (who seemed a lot more confident this time around that that previous gig) and I believe they had the same rhythm section. It must be said that the band made the best use of a smoke machine since a few Meatmen gigs I caught back in the ‘80s yeah! The band’s sound is real likeable (have these guys been on any soundtracks?)  and when I hear them I’m reminded of the best stuff by think Cocteau Twins mixed with more recent acts like Beach House. They played just about everything off of their terrific debut record, Moon Tides (crowd favorite were definitely single “Pendulum” and “Dream the Dare”) and like a good dinner, they left the crowd feeling perfectly content.

Photo Credit: Parker Fitzgerald



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