Psychic Ills – Hazed Dream

January 01, 1970

(Sacred Bones)


For their third full-length, Brooklyn’s Psychic Ills make a
sharp left turn away from the trademark psychedelic squall of their previous
studio whirlwinds. In its place, frontman/guitarist Tres Warren, bassist
Elizabeth Hart and drummer Brian Tamborello execute a spacey warmth highly
indicative of the title for their Sacred Bones debut.


“The album lives in a sunny place,” Warren explained in a
public statement regarding the new record. “A half memory. A Hazed
.” Indeed.


Absorbing the translucent tarp of meandering rhythms and
fuzz-inflected melodies enrapt within the contextual core of the eleven songs
that comprise the LP, the swirl of Eastern-tinged vibes, UFO Club organ trips,
phased guitar strolls and acid blues scowls mosey along the cracked city
streets like they were prairie trails, evident on such mellow gold as opening
cut “Midnight Moon” and the third eye road anthem “Travelin’
Man”.  Ever ponder what The Stone
Roses would sound like if they replaced John Squire with Sonic Boom? Just
listen to the hypnotic “I’ll Follow You Through The Floor” and let
the bugout begin.


If you are late to the dance in hipping yourself to the
second best act from the Kings Country harboring the term “psychic”
in their handle (the other one being the equally admirable Psychic Paramount), Hazed
is the perfect place for you to tune in and turn on. So if you were
wondering what time it is, it’s time to get Ill.


DOWNLOAD: “Midnight Moon”, “Incense Head”, “Travelin’ Man”,
“Dream Repetition” RON HART


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