PSYCHIC FRIEND – My Rocks Are Dreams

Album: My Rocks are Dreams

Artist: Psychic Friend

Label: Dangerbird

Release Date: February 19, 2013

Psychic Friend


Psychic Friend… the name alone conjures up creepy images of mediums and fortune tellers just waiting to pounce on those too gullible and naive to resist. Fortunately though, newcomers have nothing to fear here, as Psychic Friend offers a warm welcome. The band is mostly a one man show, s handle used by one Will Schwartz, a musical wunderkind who sings, scores and plays the majority of instruments maximized here with occasional help from his friends.

And what emerges via the oddly obtuse My Rocks Are Dreams is a perky foray into catchy piano-based pop, giddy to an extreme and pop perfect as a result.  Songs like “We Do Not Belong,” “Once A Servant” and “Water Sign” are, despite the auspicious titles, guilty pleasures for the most part, and even when Schwartz ramps up the tempo on the somewhat ironically dubbed “Softer Side” and “Silent Snow,” the music maintains its sugary sweet appeal. Ornate arrangements underscore   each and every entry, foretells the fact that Psychic Friend is a major player just waiting to reap the attention he deserves.

DOWNLOAD: “We Do Not Belong,” “Softer Side,” “Silent Snow”


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