PROMISED LAND SOUND – Promised Land Sound

Album: Promised Land Sound

Artist: Promised Land Sound

Label: Paradise of Bachelors

Release Date: September 24, 2013

Promised Land Sound Sept 24




 Staccato eighth notes on a plastic Farfisa? Ass-shaking back beats ringing through Ringo’s Ludwig? Sneering vocals, slathered in a barbeque sauce of country honk? A secret session, rolled in the backroom of a Chicago dive bar, with Ray Davies, Keef, Gram and Del Shannon onboard?


Nope. It’s the latest from Nashville noisemakers Promised Land Sound. “Empty Vase” is the rump-bumper that channels? Mark & The Mysterians through Keef’s record collection. “Weeds & Wine” is one part Grateful Dead ramble, one part Exile redux, one part Burritos breakfast. “For His Soul,” with its reverberating telecaster, is a beautifully wrought slice of country soul; the fuzzed guitar groove of “Wandering Habits” is the perfect chaser, woozy and groovy and trashy all at once. “River No More” adds Tommy James to the stew, an acid trip without even licking the stamp.


“Money Man” is a rip-off of Sam & Dave and the “untitled” final track is a waste of 26 seconds but, by that time, it doesn’t matter. Promised Land Sound grasp the rock and roll vocab in a way that puts those retro posers to shame.


 DOWNLOAD: All of them.

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