Princeton – Cocoon of Love

January 01, 1970

(Kanine Records)


This Los
Angeles-based band originally formed when twin brothers Jesse and Matt Kivel,
along with their childhood pal Ben Usen, were still in school and studying
abroad in London.
When they graduated they returned to California
and released a few hard-to-find EPs before signing with Kanine Records and
releasing this, their first full-length.


Mixing together
a love of chamber pop, show tunes, jangly indie pop, darker, more
Cure-influenced material and, what sounds like , a serious love of the Magnetic
Fields (“Korean War Memorial” sounds exactly like something that could have
been off Get Lost) the band rarely
fails to impress no matter what genre they’re mining.  Opening cut “Sadie & Andy” has sweeping
strings and cool, detached vocals while “Show Some Love When Your Man Comes
Home” slows it down to a crawl and adds some romantic, r & b horns.
“Calypso Gold” will make every kid on the indie pop list drool uncontrollably
with its sweet, sweet melodic rush (though, a bit too precious) and the
soaring, curiously named “Martina and Clive Krantz” is one of the band’s best
tunes (as is the waltz-y “Sadie”). The band seems to have no lack of confidence
and with songs this strong all eyes should be upon them for their sophomore


Standout Tracks: “Martina and Clive Krantz”, “Korean War
Memorial”, “Calypso Gold”, “Sylvie” TIM HINELY




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