Primus 10/29/17, Port Chester NY

Dates: October 29, 2017

Location: Capitol Theater, Port Chester NY

Live at the Capitol Theater, of course.


After seeing Primus 30+ times I knew this was going to be a mind melting experience, and the ghouls and goblins came out in full force for the show. As I have said in past reviews The Capitol Theater in Port Chester New York caters to the family of concert goers with both a very relaxed atmosphere and incredible production. Primus is touring for their new album “The Desaturating Seven” based on the 1978 children’s book “The Rainbow Goblins”. The band played a full two sets of music, the first being a mix of what is now a huge catalogue to pick from. The second “The Rainbow Goblins” in its entirety.

Opening the show with “Those Dam Blue Collar Tweakers” Les, Larry and Tim showed that there songs defy time and genre. The band played with video screens showing—to say the least psychedelic images mixed with incredible laser show. The crowd absorbed the sound and lights the whole night! Some of the highlights of the first set were “Candyman”, “Mrs. Baileen” and “The Heckler”. The band took a short break and returned with “The Desaturating Seven”. Primus never lets me down and the new album is no different. Sometimes dark and very prog-rock, the band is and never will be interested in selling tons of records and putting out watered down mediocre music. Primus has a hard core following and tonight was no different. Closing the night with a Primus classic “Southbound Pachyderm”, the visuals of elephants jumping up and down was projected throughout the theater and played in my mind for hours and days afterward.




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